Lansche Audio 5.2

      PranaFidelity                 Bhava 

US Distributor for Lansche Audio


Customer Service

Manager: Max

An avid audiophile based in Bay Area,CA


Learning Corner

Demo Room for Kuzma, Ypsilon,Marten, Miyajima, Transfiguration,B.M.C Furutech, Ikeda, Stage 3 concepts
Installation, Setup and Consulting
Feickert Adjust + software to get the most out of your investment
Sales of Audio gear


Record cleaning

$2 per LP includes MOFI sleeve

In rotation:
Transfiguraton Proteus,Lyra Etna,Kiseki Purpleheart,Benz LP-S,Miyajima Madake,Miyajima Zero One
Aesthetix IO Eclipse, B.M.C MCCI, Zesto Audio, Marten Duke 2



Willow Glen, San Jose, CA 95125


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